Blockchain is a transformational technology with the potential to extend digital transformation beyond a company’s walls and into the processes it shares with suppliers, customers, and partners. At its core, a blockchain is a data structure that’s used to create a digital transaction ledger that, instead of resting with a single provider, is shared among a distributed network of computers.

Our Blockchain-based smart contract solutions are transforming your core CRE operations such as property transactions (purchase, sale, financing, leasing, and management). Our blockchain solution can be linked to public utility services such as smart parking, waste, water, and energy billing, and also enable data-driven city management.

  • Secure
  • Shared
  • Distributed ledger

Our Blockchain Based Smart Contract Solution for Commercial Real Estate

There are complexities in managing a CRE property due to dependencies among landlords, tenants, property managers, and various vendors. Right from the start of a lease, there are numerous payment and service transactions that need to be executed, tracked, and recorded on a regular basis. There are also several checks on the same data. For instance, periodic cash flows are investigated by real estate owners and:

  • Auditors as part of preparation and review of financial statements
  • Banks for refinancing related decisions
  • Financial regulatory authorities for monitoring purposes
  • Appraisers for property appraisals